Collaborative Process

The Design Site team takes the mystique out of graphic design. Our clients participate comfortably at every stage of their project – whether it's a single brochure or a whole new site and supporting collateral.

Custom Tailoring

Our approach is to offer the client a range of creative solutions – from traditional to cutting edge – in pixels or print. We then work with you to develop the selected idea into a finished product that blends with and enhances your brand. The result is a dynamic, effective communication strategy that fits your budget and timeframe and reflects your vision and values.

Persistent Solutions

Sometimes a multifaceted approach is called for. Although the Internet offers vast new opportunities, it's still a fledgling medium and often cannot fly on its own. Likewise, print has its strengths and limitations. At Design Site, our expertise lets us develop innovative solutions that allow web and print to interact seamlessly and synergistically. The result is an integrated program that captures your customers' attention and lingers in their memory.

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