Design Site is a full-service print and new media design agency. The graphic design team places a full palette of creative talents and experience at our clients' disposal. While the internal web team expands Design Site's online reach and enhances our ability to offer innovative solutions.

Design Site's breadth of skills, resources, and strategic alliances allows us to provide high-quality results efficiently, resulting in cost savings to our clients. We pride ourselves on our strong, long-term relationships with clients.

In 1993, Tracy Dean started Design Site to meet the growing demand for professional designers with digital prepress skills. Since that time, Design Site has excelled in creating branding programs that put our clients at the forefront of their industries.

Thanks to referrals from satisfied clients, Design Site's business is flourishing. We look forward to the opportunities for innovation still to come and to keeping pace with new technologies as they evolve.

Design Site is located just off University Avenue in Berkeley, California, where a couple of hours' parking doesn't require an infusion of venture capital.