a. Project Definition

RESEARCH - Before taking any steps toward a design, the Design Site team learns everything they can about the client's business, products and services, current position, and how the organization wants to be perceived.

STRATEGY - We then create a set of strategic guidelines for the project, including its purpose, scope, technical and budgetary requirements, and steps for implementation.

b. Concept Development

EXPLORATION - The design team uses the information gained in the project-definition stage to generate multiple concepts in the form of pencil and computer-generated sketches, ranging from traditional to highly experimental.

INTERNAL REVIEW - These initial ideas go through multiple rounds of evaluation internally. When we have refined several ideas to the point where we are satisfied, the those concepts and the process used to arrive at them are presented to the client. The client then chooses among them, and further polishing is done as needed.

REFINEMENT - Once a concept has been selected for development, we work closely with the client to refine the typography, define the illustration style, and settle on the method of execution, such as choosing original or stock photography to define the brand. At this stage, we also consider how the concept can be expanded to other pieces of the program.

c. Strategy Implementation

METHODOLOGY - After refinements to the design have been made, we are ready to complete a plan for extending it to all collateral, website, advertising, and so forth. Colors are chosen and guidelines for typography and logo treatment are established.

PRODUCTION - In this stage, the Design Site team meets with printers and fabricators to establish the schedule of expected deliverables, confirming all dates with both client and printer. We create high-resolution files and deliver all final files in the appropriate format - either electronically or as film separations with DuPont WaterProof proofs and bluelines. In addition, a Design Site team member always attends the press check to assure that quality expectations are met.

d. Ongoing Support

ARCHIVING - We keep two copies of all electronic files for every job on CD. One disc is stored off-site for added protection.