a. Project Definition

RESEARCH - At this stage, the Design Site team confers with the client to define initial needs and goals: the purpose and image that should be communicated, the target audience, and the desired site functionality.

SCOPING - Our team then devises a strategic plan of approach, including budgets, timelines, and technical requirements.

b. Strategy and Planning

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT - Working with the client and graphic design team, the web team explores concepts for visual style and refines the primary message.

SITE STRUCTURE - We also create a page flow model at this time to establish the functionality and relationship of the pages.

c. Visual Design

USER INTERFACE - Three possible interface treatments are presented for the client to choose from. The selected prototype is then refined, incorporating client comments, and a final design approved.

PAGE LAYOUT - With the interface design established, we begin the process of implementing the desired look-and-feel across all the different page styles in the site.

d. Production

HTML/FLASH CODING - When the graphic design and text content is complete, the web production team incorporates it into page layouts and builds the site.

INTERNAL TESTING - A live beta version of the site is posted and tested internally. This allows us to discover and eradicate any bugs.

e. Polish & Launch

CROSS-PLATFORM QA - Once the client signs off on the beta version, a final QA pass is performed on all common hardware and software platforms, to assure that the site functions as intended.

UPLOAD TO SERVER - The final step is to post the new site to a web server.